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Community Services & Facilities

Pormpuraaw has the following services & facilities in the community:

  • Pormpuraaw State School (Prep to Year 6)

  • Pormpuraaw Primary Health Clinic

  • Pormpuraaw Child Care Centre

  • CEQ Store (Supermarket)

  • QLD Police - 4 State Police officers are permanently stationed in Pormpuraaw

  • SES - Volunteer State Emergency Service

  • Rural Fire Brigade Service

  • Anglican Church including General Store

  • Pormpuraaw Arts Centre

  • Royal Flying Doctors Service

  • Apunipima Health Services

  • RISE - Local CDP Provider

  • PPAC - Counselling Services

  • Women's Shelter (Operated by PPAC)

  • Safe House for Children (Operated by Act for Kids)

  • Pormpuraaw United Brother's Sports Club

  • Kiosk (Operated by Anna Beni)

  • Skytrans Air Services

  • Hinterland Air Services - Air Freight

  • Tuxworth & Woods Carriers - Road Freight

  • Pormpuraaw Library

General Community Information


The community's water supply comes from underground and is fully treated.  The water supply is regularly tested to ensure that it meets NH and MRC guidelines for drinking water.


The Pormpuraaw township is fully sewered.


There is a waste facility depot located on the outskirts of the township.


Wheelie bins are collected three times weekly.


All community houses are fitted with card meters.  Power cards can be purchased as required from the cashier's counter at the Council office.

The power station in Pormpuraaw is owned and operated by Ergon Energy.


Located at Boomerang Centre

Phone: 4060 4600



Most community houses are equipped with gas cooking appliances.  All gas cylinders are to be paid for by the tenant.  The gas cylinders can be pre-purchased from the cashier's counter at the Council office.  The receipt then needs to be produced to the Plumbers department who will then organise to supply your gas cylinders as required.

Freight Transport

Freight is delivered into the community once per week by road during the dry season by Tuxworth & Woods Carriers.  During the wet season goods must be air freighted in by Hinterland Aviation.


The Post Office is the Commonwealth Bank Agency for the community.  There is also a CBA ATM that is located at the side of the Post Office. The ATM hours are 8:30am to 5:30pm week days.  The Post Office hours are 9:30am to 12 noon and 1pm to 3:30pm week days.  (Excludes Public Holidays & Operating Hours are subject to Sorry business).  There is also ATM's located at the Retail Store & Pormpuraaw United Brother's Sports Club.


There is a CEQ Store (Supermarket) located in the township.  The store sells grocery items such as: meat, bread, milk, selection of fresh fruit & vegetables, frozen goods and general grocery items.  The store is open weekdays and Saturday mornings.  There is a small general store operated by the Anglican Church that also supplies general grocery supplies.


Telephone, Mobile & Internet services are all supplied through Telstra.

The local radio station broadcasted to the community is on frequency 106.1.

TV Stations are through satellite and a vast decoding box is  required to receive these TV stations.

Alcohol Management

Pormpuraaw is an alcohol managed community.  It is prohibited to bring alcohol into the community.  (Fines apply)Alcohol can only be purchased and consumed at the Pormpuraaw United Brother's Sports Club.  Please refer to Alcohol Management Plan as per the below PDF:

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