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Gazetted Public Holidays



Please click link below for listing of Pormpuraaw Public Holidays 2024:

Monday 1st January: New Year's Day

Friday 26th January: Australia Day

Friday 29th March: Good Friday

Saturday 30th March: Easter Saturday (Holy Saturday)

Sunday 31st March: Easter Sunday

Monday 1st April: Easter Monday

Thursday 25th April: ANZAC Day

Monday 6th May: Labour Day


Friday 24th May: Pormpuraaw Fishing Competition Day

Monday 3rd June: Mabo Day

Friday 19th July: Pormpuraaw & Cairns Show Day

Monday 7th October: Monarch's Official Birthday

Tuesday 24th December (6pm to Midnight Only): Christmas Eve

Wednesday 25th December: Christmas Day

Thursday 26th December: Boxing Day

Please see link below for gazetted public holidays:

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