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Community Info & Services

Pormpuraaw Shire has a variety of facilities servicing the Community.

Some of these facilities are: Primary Health Centre, Primary School, Essential Services (Water, Sewerage & Waste), Aged Care Centre, DATSIP Retail Store, Anglican Church General, Day-Care Centre, Child Safety House, Women's Shelter, Rise Job Network, Library, Arts & Culture Centre, Rangers, Skytrans & Hinterland Airline Agency, Building & Repairs Dept, Workshop, Admin Store, Kiosk and the Pormpuraaw United Brother's Sports Club with an Alcohol Management Plan in place (See PDF below).


The Primary Health Centre is staffed by full-time nursing staff and supported by visiting doctors and specialists from the Royal Flying Doctor Service.


For transport services, the Pormpuraaw community relies on regular flights provided by Skytrans or Hinterland, and is the only form of transport during the wet season.


Although the Shire is remote in location, it attracts many tourists to the area for camping and fishing.


Pormpuraaw Shire is also known for its bird life which boasts some of the rarest species in the world and the most amazing sunsets.

Pormpuraaw Stakeholders List

Pormpuraaw Service Mapping

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