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Township of Pormpuraaw

Pormpuraaw Township consists of two neighbourhoods known locally as Mungkan side and Thaayorre side. They are united by schools, shops, administrative buildings and a number of shire council staff housing. The neighbourhoods originated at the time of mission settlement and reflect traditional linguistic and territorial affiliations. The majority of residents on the Mungkan side originate from along or north of the Edward River. The Thaayorre side accommodate speakers of Thaayorre, Yir Yoront and other dialects that lie along or south of the Edward River.

The neighbourhoods of Pormpuraaw broadly reproduce the geographic distribution of clan estates. The entirety of the Pormpuraaw DOGIT boundary encompassing 466 198 hectares and the two neighbourhoods is divided by the Edward River which broadly divides the Wik speaking clans from those to the south.

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