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Our Council


Our Values – What We Stand For:


A Strong Community

Council will strengthen the capacity and resilience of Pormpuraaw Community through partnerships with the Community, business, government and non-government sector groups in pursuing positive social, economic and environmental outcomes.



Council and staff will strive for innovation, continuous improvement and long term success in management and leadership practice, strategic planning and the performance of Council systems.



Council is accountable to the Community and will conduct its affairs openly with integrity in consultation with Community, at the same time reflecting the highest level of democratic governance and public administration.


Fairness and Equity

Council recognises and values the needs of different sectors and groups within its community and works in partnership with it valued volunteers, community based agencies, State and Commonwealth departments to ensure needs are addressed in a planned and timely manner.


Welcoming Ideas

Council will actively encourage and seek the exchange of ideas and knowledge in finding creative solutions.


Investing In the Future

Council will take a long term view as a responsible steward of community assets and finances.

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