Employment Opportunities

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The Following Positions  Are Open To Local Pormpuraaw Residents Only

Council is unable to provide staff housing for these positions. These positions are only available to persons who already have or are returning to residency in Pormpuraaw. Unless specified as identified ATSI positions, positions are open to residents of Pormpuraaw of any nationality. 

These roles are recruited with the support and strong working relationship of Rise Ventures. 

For more information or to apply for a role please contact Melissa Douthat - Rise Pormpuraaw 07 4081 6850 or click the image below.

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To apply for a position:


  1. Contact HR on email: hr@pormpuraaw.qld.gov.au or RISE (if you are a RISE job seeker) for a copy of the position description

  2. Ensure you are registered with RISE.  You can self register with RISE at any time

  3. Send your completed application for employment, resume and a cover letter responding to the selection criteria to RISE who will assist you with your application for employment and will forward your application to Council.